• Breeze

    The official news bulletin of Blossom Bluebells School has been named “Breeze” and will be brought out half yearly – to be released in the months of October and March every year.

    “Breeze” will perform the task of pooling in all useful information relating to Blossom Bluebells School and present it in an interesting form aimed at achieving the purpose of keeping the parents and well-wishers of Blossom Bluebells update on the developments and to promote parenting of high quality.

    An Editorial Board consisting of teaching staff, parents and well-wishers will take the responsibility of releasing “Breeze” regularly. It is our sincere wish that “Breeze” will bring Blossom Bluebells School closer to each and every home of the bubbling buds of Blossom Bluebells thereby helping the teachers and parents to unite in the joint venture of providing our children a childhood filled with learning.