Educational Agenda
Blossom Bluebells has drafted for itself an educational agenda aimed at excellence. Starting from Pre-K.G. a child can begin schooling at Blossom Bluebells and continue until completion of Standard XII. Keeping the educational career of every child in mind aimed at encouraging all round development, Blossom’s core agenda will constitute emphasis on spoken English, elimination of shyness, extraction of talents, enhancement of thinking power, exercising of body and mind, exchanging of news and views and encouraging extensive reading, all aimed at bringing the best out of every child.
Admission Terms

Age and Classes : The minimum age requirement for respective classes given below :

  • Pre - K. G. - 2 years 6 months +
  • L. K. G. - 3 years 6 months +
  • U. K. G. - 4 years 6 months+
  • Std-I - 5 years 6 months+
  •        (Age as on 1st June)

Dress Regulation : Children in Pre - K.G. will have no uniform. Children in L.K.G. & upwards will have to come in uniform on all days except Wednesdays. Parents are requested to ensure that the children do not wear valuables to school as a matter of abundant precaution. Please bear in mind that gold once lost is lost forever.

Health and Hygiene : Parents are requested to ensure that the nails of their children are properly trimmed so that they do not hurt other children while at play. Parents may refrain from sending their children to school when they are affected with severe cold, fever or anything contagious until they have fully recovered.

Home Visit

Class Teachers visit each student’s home for about an hour in the first one to one-and-a-half months of the academic year. The bond created by this and the understanding got by the teacher regarding the various aspects of the child’s background and the child herself is of immense value. This truly helps her to play the role of a nurturer and facilitate the overall development of the child. These visits are coordinated with parents during the Home Visit. All other family members (e.g. grand parents) are encouraged to be part of the discussion and give their inputs. The purpose of this visit is to learn about the home environment of the child and also know the people living with her. The home visit is the first step to unite the class teacher and the parents with the single-minded goal of what’s best for the child.

School Timings

The class timings will be :

  • Pre - K. G. - 10.00 a.m. to 12.30 p.m.
  • L. K. G. - 9.00 a.m. to 03.30 p.m.
  • U. K. G. - 9.00 a.m. to 03.30 p.m.
  • Std-I & Above - 9.00 a.m. to 03.30 p.m.

List Of Holidays
  • Holiday Calendar 2020 - 2021

    •         Date
    • 21 July 2021
    • 15 August 2021
      Independence Day
    • 20 August 2021
    • 30 August 2021
      Krishna Jayanthi
    • 10 September 2021
      Vinayakar Chaturthi
    • 2 October 2021
      Gandhi Jayanthi
    • 14 October 2021
      Dussehra / Ayudha Pooja
    • 15 October 2021
    • 19 October 2021
    • 4 November 2021
    • 25 December 2021
    • 01 January 2022
      New Year
    • 14 January 2022
    • 15 January 2022
      Thiruvalluvar Day
    • 26 January 2022
      Republic Day
    • 14 April 2022
      Tamil New Year Day
    • 15 April 2022
      Good Friday

Class Room

Computer Lab

Projector Room

Play Ground